Friday, September 01, 2017

Papers at ORC 2017

The CREA team will present five papers at ORC 2017,

  • 221 - Experimental observation of non-ideal expanding flows of Siloxane MDM vapor for ORC applications, Session 4C, Thursday at 14.20 
  • 222 - Non-ideal fish-tail shocks in ORC turbine cascades, Session 6C, Friday, at 10.30 
  • 223 - Experimental assessment of the open-source SU2 CFD suite for ORC applications, Session 3B, Wednesday at 16.30
  • 224 - Design and commissioning of a thermal stability test-rig for mixtures as working fluids for ORC applications, Poster session, Wednesday at 17.30 
  • 225 - An analysis of fast-response pressure probes dynamics for ORC power systems, Poster session, Wednesday at 17.30 

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